Contracted Lives: The Experience of Farmers in the Meat Chain in Brazil, India and the U.S.

About the webinar

In recent months, the meat industry has been getting a lot of attention: restaurants have said they will phase out eggs from farms that cage birds; major meat companies and retailers have said that they will phase out the use of “antibiotics for human use. But little attention is paid to people who work in the meat industry. As fewer companies become ever more powerful in the global meat market, there is an urgent need to scrutinize their practices from “farm to fork,” not only because of animal welfare, environmental pollution and public health, but also because of how farmers and workers (and ultimately the consumers) are treated.

This webinar will focus on contracted farmers and present newly released information from Brazil and experiences of contract poultry farmers in India and compare these conditions with practices in the United States, showing the links between these realities and challenging us to build a common struggle.

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Carlos Juliano Barros

Reporter Brasil

Carlos Juliano Barros is the Executive Secretary and Research Coordinator at Reporter Brasil. Reporter Brasil was founded in 2001 by journalists, social scientists and educators. Its mission is to…

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Christopher Leonard

The Meat Racket

Christopher Leonard is a former national business reporter for the Associated Press. His work has appeared in Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Slate, and The Wall Street Journal. He is a Schmidt…

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Scott Marlow

Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI-USA)

Scott currently serves as RAFI’s Executive Director. He previously directed the organization’s Farm Sustainability Program, providing in-depth financial counseling to farmers in crisis, education…

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Sagari R Ramdas, Ph.D.


Sagari R Ramdas has a Masters in Animal Breeding and Genetics from the University of California, Davis, USA. She has worked with rural and adivasi communities as a field veterinarian, trainer and…

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Shefali Sharma

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Over the last decade, Shefali'’s work has focused on international trade and financial institutions, and international food and agriculture policies, with a particular interest and focus on India…

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Posted December 3, 2015