Bruce Lanphear MD, MPH

Simon Fraser University
Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Lanphear is currently principal investigator for a study examining fetal and early childhood exposures to prevalent environmental neurotoxins including lead, pesticides, mercury, alcohol, PCB's and environmental tobacco smoke. A component of the study is the investigation of the contribution of residential hazards and residential injuries to children's health. This project recently received funding to follow the original birth cohort, until the children are five years of age. This will allow follow-up for determining the efficacy of lead hazard controls on children's blood lead levels and their risk for learning and behavioral problems. Dr. Lanphear has extensive experience conducting community-based trials, including lead poisoning prevention, epidemiology of asthma, prevention of exposureto tobacco smoke and measurement of lead and allergens in housing.

  • Children's environmental health.
  • Environmental neurotoxins, including lead, mercury, pesticides and environmental tobacco smoke.
  • Asthma prevention.
  • Gene-environment interactions

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