Janne Boone-Heinonen, Ph.D.

Oregon Health and Science University
Assistant Professor

Janne Boone-Heinonen investigates early life, behavioral, and environmental determinants of diet, physical activity, and obesity throughout the life course. Currently, my research focuses on how maternal social and environmental factors interact with biological susceptibility to obesity that arises during fetal development. Examples of research topics include:

  • The extent to which healthy diet and physical activity can mitigate the life-long effects of adverse fetal development
  • Differences in early life growth across racial/ethnic and socioeconomic subgroups
  • Environmental predictors of health in mothers and infants
  • Neighborhood predictors of physical activity, diet, and obesity in adolescents and adults

She uses data from large population-based cohorts, surveillance data, electronic medical records and interdisciplinary cross-sectional and longitudinal statistical methods to address methodological challenges in obesity epidemiology. I regularly involve students in my research, which often results in scientific presentation and publication opportunities for the student. 

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