Jennifer Billig

Tula Collaborative
Consultant, Strategist, Project Manager

Jennifer Billig is a creative, energetic, results-oriented leader with 20-years experience in government, community and nonprofit settings seeking opportunities to create community impact through transformational policy and systems change across a range of issue areas. She has proven experience as a strategist, organizer, communicator, and consultant working with diverse grass-tops and grass-roots coalitions and public sector leaders. Jennifer is especially interested in work that seeks to change the nature of public problem solving through innovative, cross-sector collaborations to create transformed systems, services and policies that more equitably deliver public and community outcomes for the benefit of all. Most recently, Jennifer has worked to transform food systems through national coalitions and policy development at the intersection of food, public health and agriculture policy; created cross-sector partnerships working towards new solutions to address income and racial disparities through creation of living-wage jobs and new community-level workforce development strategies in the Denver Metro Region; and set up a new revenue-generating business for a non-profit organization.

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