Sagari R Ramdas, Ph.D.


Sagari R Ramdas has a Masters in Animal Breeding and Genetics from the University of California, Davis, USA. She has worked with rural and adivasi communities as a field veterinarian, trainer and researcher on livestock and peoples livelihoods. She is Co-Director of ANTHRA, which she founded with Nitya Ghotge in 1992. She has co-coordinated research on the gender, caste and class dynamics of Indigenous 

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Dr. Ramdas is a member of the Food Sovereignty Alliance, India, and is learning to be an agro-ecological food farmer. The Food Sovereignty Alliance is a solidarity platform of adivasi, dalit, pastoralist, peasant social movements and co-producers towards a common vision of food sovereignty in defense of our sovereign rights to food and the rights of mother earth. She is a founding member and former director of Anthra, an organization of women veterinary scientists working on issues of livestock development and sustainable natural resource use.

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