Agricultural nanotechnology and the future of food

About the webinar

Nanotechnology, a group of techniques for manufacturing and manipulating sub-molecular sized materials, is being applied to agriculture, food processing and food packaging. This webinar will discuss the effect of nanomaterials on soil health and the food chain.

IATP's Dr. Steve Suppan, author of "Nanomaterials In Soil: Our Future Food Chain?," and Jaydee Hanson, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Food Safety will lead the webinar. Jaydee Hanson will speak on nanoparticles in food and food packaging, and Steve Suppan will cover nanofertilizers and soil health.

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Jaydee Hanson

Center for Food Safety

Jaydee Hanson works as the senior policy analyst for the Center for Food Safety on emerging technology issues related to nanotechnology, synthetic biology, animal cloning and animal genetic…

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Steve Suppan, Ph.D.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Steve Suppan has been a policy analyst at IATP since 1994. Much of Steve's work is to explain U.S. agriculture, trade and food safety policy to foreign governments and nongovernmental…

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Posted May 14, 2013