Farm Bill 101

About the webinar

The Farm Bill always seems to be part of the food and justice conversation, yet few of us feel fluent in the language of this massive piece of legislation. How does it affect our work on the ground? Who has the power to influence it? Why is it so darn hard to understand?

In this fellows-only webinar, we'll trace a brief history of the Farm Bill, give some context on its current state, and present some possibilities for influence.

Presenters will be:

Mark Muller, a veteran of Midwest and sustainable-agriculture Farm Bill organizing, and

Nina Fallenbaum, former assistant to a U.S. Senator and former employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Format will be conversational, with plenty of time for questions.

Presentation Slides


Nina Kahori Fallenbaum

Nina Kahori Fallenbaum, also known as Nina F. Ichikawa, is a writer, cultural activist, and Food and Agriculture Editor for Hyphen magazine, a publication covering Asian-American arts and politics…

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Mark Muller

The McKnight Foundation

Mark Muller is director of the Mississippi River program at The McKnight Foundation. Prior to joining McKnight as a program officer, Muller worked for 14 years at the Institute for Agriculture and…

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Posted December 2, 2011