Farm to School & Youth Leadership Webinar Part 2: Strengthening Farm to School

About the webinar

This two part webinar series will introduce participants to IATP's high school level Farm to School Youth Leadership Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to empower youth, teach them about their local food system, engage them in meaningful, hands-on learning activities that also strengthen their school’s Farm to School program and link them directly to farmers in their community. Implementation of the curriculum in a high school setting simultaneously gives students ownership and commitment to their school’s Farm to School program, while reducing the amount of legwork and research required of teachers or food service staff to establish or expand a Farm to School initiative.

By the end of the two part webinar series, participants will learn the definition and benefits of Farm to School, will leave with concrete strategies to start or expand Farm to School in their own community, and will learn how to access IATP's curriculum (available to download free of charge) and other useful resources.

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Vanessa Herald

University of Wisconsin - Madison

 Vanessa Herald  is the Farm to School Specialist at the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at University of Wisconsin - Madison, and co-developed the curriculum with IATP. She will share…

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Erin McKee VanSlooten

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Erin McKee VanSlooten joined IATP in 2010. Her current projects focus on Farm to School and Farm to Childcare, getting fresh healthy produce from our local growers into school and childcare meals…

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Posted February 17, 2015